Park is very important things our life for entertainment. When anyone feel frustrate he goes to any park for refresh his mind.  A lot of kids love to go park for enjoying day. Magic Paradise Park is of the most beautiful park in Comilla. From any district people can come magic paradise park very easy  by bus, car, train.

Magic-Paradise Park

About of Magic Paradise Park

Magic Paradise Park is one of the most beautiful and large amusement parks in Comilla. With more than 20 different types of rides, water park, dinosaur park, picnic spot and restaurant, Magic Paradise Park is one of most notable amusement parks in Bangladesh. It is located in Kotbari area, the heart of entertainment in Comilla district.

magic-paradise park

It has become a place of entertainment for people of all ages for its great rides and beautiful natural surroundings. In the form of foreign cartoon Disney the huge gates of Paradise Park have been built in a very attractive way. In front of it three dinosaurs are busy welcoming you by playing keyboard, drums and guitar. You will see a huge carousel when you enter. Sitting on the top and watching the whole park is something very pleasant.

There are special ride arrangements for children. Roller coasters or rail rides or rides or water pools on small hills will make any kid massively delighted . And the dinosaur park will make the kids especially happy. Although   artificial,  It has been presented through technology in such a way that any child will feel as if they have moved to the dinosaur kingdom.

Why does people go to the Park?

When people feels disappoints at the time people goes to any park for refreshing their mind. Park is place of entertainment. So there is not only goes disappoints person but also goes happy people . People goes to park for enjoying their life.


Tickets of Magic Paradise Park

  • Entry free- 200/-
  • Water pool- 300/-
  • Any ride- 100/-
  • Children under 3. 5 feet tall do not need a ticket to enter.
  • Magic-Paradise-Park

Maps of Magic Paradise park

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